Lägerplatsen, Landskrona

Residential buildings completed 2022

Lägerplatsen housing has received the recognition Landskrona Architecture Price of 2022.

(link to jury statement)

Lägerplatsen has a unique location in northern part of Landskrona, Skåne, with beautiful outlooks towards open ocean, nature and surrounding architechture. Our design concept was to tie the area together, as well as preserving sightlines and giving people the opportunity to continue passing through the neighborhood. Ceeping the green path through the site that connects Granet with Exercisplatsen was also an important aspect in our development of the site.

Our goal was to create classical, well executed Swedish architecture to represent high quality building design from 2020s. Our detailed use of brickwork connects to a proud tradition of Landskrona.

Divided in three volumes, the residential houses reminds you of larger villas. Entrances as facing a shared courtyard which together with facilities such as wine cellar, gym, party venue and detailed landscape design creates a feeling of community.

All apartments has qualities of a typical villa, such as private gardens, generous ceiling height, large balconies and terraces and balconies offering beatiful views in all directions.


Developer: Granitor Properties

Entrepreneur: Granitor Construction

Jakobsson Pusterla AB through Jan Jakobsson, Marco Pusterla, Kerstin Sigbo, Henning Röschmann, Olivier Gras, Piotr Wisniowski, Lisa Nilsson

Constructor: Lars-Owe Nygårdh, Paragon

Landscape design: Ola Lidén, Ramböll

Site: 4 350 kvm

BTA: 4 600 kvm

Apartments: 36

Photography: Åke E:son Lindman