Villa Enestigen


A dark brick facade rests amongst the trees och lets the atmosphere of the forest dominate the space.

The main body is broken by three glazed volumes shaping unique spaces in the house. Here we have a consistent choice of materials and solutions. The basic structure is totally in unorganic materials, the outer walls are brick and a half meter thick and the roof is covered in small flat shingles. The cellar, like the second floor is in poured conrete. The ventilation system is integrated in the construction and makes use of the sun heat through the houses large windows toward the south and the heavy contruction. 

The exterior is as good as maintence free and will age beautifully. Many details are uniquely studied making reference to old building techniques. In contrast to the woods the interior is light. The lighting inside is designed to enhance the architecture, not the lighting itself. The organisation of plans is thought throu to follow the user in different stages in life. Sightlines and room heights of between 2.26 and 6.5 meters give a fantastic dynamic to the experience of the spaces.