Kv. Morgondoppet


Seven passive houses with roof gardens

Morgondoppet housing has received the recognition Landskrona architecture price 2020 (link to the news).

The project is the result of a close collaboration with the initiator and developer Robin Berkhuizen. Togheter we have shaped a project inspired by the sea and the old fishing village of Borstahusen.

The block contains seven raw houses in different dimensions. The ground floor has a brick facade and the upper floors are covered in slate stone. The roof siluette is shaped as weaves. The houses has roof-terraces with cultivation beds. The houses has an elevator (or are prepared for it) for full accessibility to the upper floors and roofs.

The character of materials are strogly present also in the interiors. Concrete floors, visible woden and steel-beams, plaster cast and slate on the walls.

We are glad for the trust of a brave and visionary client. We really appriciate the effort from the building enterprise Teamab and their collaborators. They have achieved high quality results in a building with many unique details and challenges.

Last but not the least a special thanks to the site manager Rickard Jacobsen (Teamab) and construction engineers Andreas Backenhof and his collegues (Sweco).


Robin Berkhuizen, Morgondoppet AB.

Teamab, Nya Team i Landskrona AB, Roger Jönsson, Patrik Engström, Rickard Jacobsen etc.

Jakobsson Pusterla AB: Marco Pusterla (in charge) and Daniele Vanotti, Henning Röschmann, Ingrid Tufvesson, Jan Jakobsson, Kerstin Sigbo, Olivier Gras, Piotr Wisniowski (collaborators).

Sweco AB: Andreas Backenhof, Jack Jönsson, Josephine Karlström

Area of the site
1070 kvm

Gross area
1350 kvm

Read more even at: www.morgondoppet.se